Freelancing Faqs

Q&A About Freelancing !

Question: Why should I learn freelancing?
Answer: Let’s face it, when a university graduate enters job market, there is not a lot to offer in current Pakistani job market. Not everyone can afford, not to have a job, so what does he do? Instead of getting into some black hole, worried about an uncertain future, freelancing is a hope to get oneself on his feet.
Question: What will I learn from this course?
Answer: Everything that you need to understand to get started with freelancing: – You will learn the basics of freelancing – How to get started – Introduction to the most popular freelancing portals – How to create your profile – How to select your skills – How to apply for projects – Basic tips on communication with clients – How to manage a project – How to get paid – Importance of feedback once a job is finished
Question: How quickly I will be able to earn?
Answer: Depends on your skills and an ability to adapt client requirements, market trends.
Question: Will I be able to pick the skill I want to earn money from?
Answer: Yes
Question: Will I be taught how to do bidding on the project?
Answer: Yes
Question: I do not know any skills, can I still do freelancing?
Answer: Freelancing is a serious business; you do need to make up your mind before you get started. You may get started with basic skills and keep on improving as you move on. There is a lot of market research and material available to make you understand which skill is suitable for you.
Question: I don’t want to bid on the project what is the best way to do freelancing?
Answer: You can make a small team with roles defined where someone can manage the bidding process and you can concentrate on the service itself.
Question: Does freelancing actually pay you money?
Answer: Yes, it does.
Question: How do I get the payment from freelance marketplace to my bank?
Answer: Payoneer Card , Wire Transfer to your bank
Question: What are the most important soft skills to learn in order to do freelancing?
Answer: Communication, Adaptability, Problem solving
Question: Can I quit my day time job and do freelancing full time and earn money?
Answer: Yes
Question: How much I can earn per month?
Answer: Depends on your skill set and how much you are focused to get things done.
Question: What if I fail?
Answer: You can always get restarted. Failure only means you know one more way things are not working out.

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